Ding Tai Fu: Shanghai-Sichuan Style Restaurant in Bangkok.


Growing up in a Chinese family makes me love to eat Chinese food and always go out to try delicious Chinese food in town. Today I found this new Shanghai-Sichuan Style Restaurant nearby my place, thanks to my parents to take me there.

“Feels like home” was my first impression as I walked into the restaurant. The Chinese old style door reminds me of my relative’s house in Chaozhou, China, where the door leads to a living room.

The waitress with good service minded welcomed us and took us to the table for 3 people and present us menus with lots of pictures in it.

One of their famous dishes recommended here is xiao long bao, aka soup dumplings stuffed with seasoned minced pork in a heaven soup, but be careful when eating them because the “hot soup” inside might burst inside your mouth. Trust me…I burst into tears on my first bite.


Followed by salty and spicy stir fried Shrimps in Maggi Sauce. The shell is crispy and easy to chew and provides a terrific flavour from the sauce.


And more delicious dishes are comming one after another, from top left; Shanghai drunken chicken, century eggs in chili sauce, Mapo doufu (tofu in spicy oily sauce with minced pork…this is my favorite!!) and deep fried wonton (minced pork and chive wrapped in wonton.)


Feel so full filling up my tummy with all good food and it’s time to have the bill, which is surprisingly cheap !! That day my dad paid less than 1000 THB !! Suddenly, the owner who is a nice looking man in a nice casual polo shirt and a nice fashion shorts came to introduce himself and talked to us a bit about the quality of the food. I give 5 stars for the best customer service of the owner !!! 

Location: Buddhamonthon Sai 2 Road, Thawi Watthana

Hours: 11A.M. – 9:30P.M.

Type of food: Chinese; Shanghai – Sichuan Style restaurant

Price: ฿฿฿

Booking: Walk-in | Reservation



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